Bel Edmondson Print Maker


Story telling of my connection to country through printmaking. 

A Print Makers Passion

A Boon Wurrung/Bunurong (Mornington Peninsula) based artist, and deeply rooted in her Ngoorable/Ngarabal heritage, Bel Edmondson is an artist whose creative journey has been profoundly shaped by the landscapes of her upbringing in Northeast Victoria.
As a self-taught artist, Bel enjoys infusing her contemporary Indigenous prints with the time-honoured charm of rustic printmaking. Through her artistic expressions, she captures the profound bond she shares with country.
Every print crafted by Bel narrates an intricately detailed story, offering glimpses into the moments and places that have been integral in her journey.

As soon as I saw Bel's work I could see her passion for both printmaking and her connection to country, her print looks amazing in my farm stay property.

— D. Shepard